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One of the most basic needs of all humans is to feel loved. During this uncertain time and especially with physical distancing, it can be hard to feel loved. Luckily the plant community is here to help. Below is a list of plant essences focusing on feeling loved. Each one addresses a specific pattern of thinking or emotion that blocks you from feeling loved.

If you are having a hard time right now, I encourage you to ask the plants for help. Plants offer unconditional support to help you identify unhealthy thought or emotional patterns. Gently and powerfully, plant essences help connect you to the unhealthy pattern. Plant essences provide a new template or blueprint to change what isn’t working anymore to heal and grow. Many of these patterns reside in your subconscious and can be hard to identify. Plant essences bring these automatic or subconscious patterns into your awareness. Now you have a choice in how you respond instead of reacting.

If you are unsure about what plant essence to use, schedule a phone or video appointment with me to identify plant essences specific for your current situation. You can also purchase my Oracle deck and intuitively pick plant essence cards to identify the plant essence you would want to take. If you can’t decide on one plant essence, purchase Feeling Loved Plant Essence Blend a combination of all the plants listed below.

Take a moment to tune in to how you are feeling. What thoughts are you hearing most often about being loved or loving yourself? What emotions are you feeling when you think about being loved or loving yourself? 

If you are having trouble connecting to your thoughts and feelings, take twenty minutes to journal about the topic of love. If it helps, set a timer and sit with a paper and pen. It does not matter how much you write down, the writing can connect you to what you are thinking and feeling. 

All of the plants listed below can be found in my book Honoring the Wisdom In Nature: Messages from the Plant Kingdom 54 Plant Essences to Develop Intuition


Cut Leaf Evening Primrose

Cut leaf evening primrose works within your body physically. It works best if you feel tense or have a gut or body response to thinking about love or are unable to feel love. You might think about being openhearted and your body reacts with tight muscles or a sense of uneasiness. Cut leaf opens all the chakras in the back of the body supporting being open to receive love. It also helps you connect to all the parts of your body and to physically feel unconditional love. 

“Know that you are not alone. Find the deep sense of being loved and supported by the divine felt in the whole body. The sweetness of a lover’s/loved one’s glance. Being seen and loved for who you are.” Read more


Mammillaria albicans

Mammillaria wants you to look at the painting of itself and see all the different shaped petals, the slight variation in color, shading, shape, and position. So too are all the aspects of yourself. See the beauty of how you fit together, all the different parts coming together to make you beautiful. Protect yourself from the negativity of others. Let them keep their opinions. Support your healing by releasing any attachment to what others think of you. 

“Look into the depth of all my flowers and see that no two are alike. One is not better than the other. Love yourself as you are, perfectly imperfect. Hold yourself as sacred and create boundaries from the negativity of others.” Read more

Colorado Blue Spruce Meditation also helps you see yourself as sacred and encourages healthy boundaries. Read more


Prairie Coneflower

Give yourself a big hug. Feel the love, the strength, and the support you have within yourself. Prioritize your own needs before others and see what problems clear up in your life. Ask yourself what you really want to do and go do it. No need for reason or rationale. Put yourself first. Feel the strength and support of self-love and see how it feels in your body. Prairie coneflower wants to help you heal all your wounds from the past. The wounds of not feeling heard or having someone leave when times get hard. Read more


Western Spiderwort

Western spiderwort wants you to be brave and experience your feelings. Own them! Do not discount them, filter them, or change them. Break free from the bondage of past choices in how you respond to your feelings. Let loose and experience life with more authenticity. You are not alone. Know you are loved unconditionally, never alone, and never without support. Western spiderwort helps you detangle thoughts and emotions continuously cycling in your head limiting you from joy and experiencing the abundance of life.  Read more


Wild rose asks you to open your heart to receive unconditional love. Feel the sweetness and strength that comes from being unconditionally supported, connected, and encouraged by the Divine. 

Wild Rose

Sweetly express your true nature. Feel the love in your heart expand to encompass your whole body. Wild rose offers to heal your wounded places, the ones even you are not aware of. Wild rose can heal your grief, your suffering, your loss, and your contempt.  

“Allow me to be present while your grief is expressed, your loss recognized, your grievances heard, and then look at them float away getting smaller and smaller until they are no longer visible.” Wild rose is best to use when you are unable to identify what is causing you to feel unloved or disconnected to Divine love. Read more


Yellow Blanket Flower
Yellow Blanket Flower

Yellow blanket flower encourages you to find your center in all of the uncertainty. It helps you look at life and the choices you have in a new way. Yellow blanket flower gets you out of feeling like you are a victim and without  choice in life. It encourages you to live from your heart. Be open and feel safe to make heart-centered decisions. It is ok to feel vulnerable. See your vulnerability as a strength. Live life full of vitality and loving wholeheartedly. Love yourself however imperfect. Read more

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