Online Plant Essence Class

Are you wanting to deepen your work with Plant Essences from the comfort and convenience of home?

Do you want to learn more about Plant Essences and new ways of using it?

Do you want to connect to your extra senses and develop your intuition?

Integrate and the process the information in Honoring The Wisdom Messages from The Plant Kingdom in a deeply personal way.

  • Identify your primary extra sense to improve communicating with plants?
  • Use intuition and images to help guide one’s life.
  • Heal aspects of oneself in a gentle and profound way.
  • Connect to a generous and like-minded community.
  • Do something for YOURSELF for creativity, intuition building, and self-care.

Many people who are using Plant Essences have told me they love sharing their experience others. In the group session you can witness others experiences and feel the pieces that resonate with your own while connecting with a community of like-minded people. If you cannot make the live group session you can go back and watch the recording at your convenience.

Heart Opening

When I take Dotted Blazing Star, I  am supported and feel a space opening up in my heart for myself. I feel like I am able to shoot up through the middle of every thing holding me back.

O.C. Monroe, UT

Takes Away Fear

Whenever I meet up with Western Spiderwort essence, I feel like I have met up with an old friend, who just holds me and takes away fear.

O.C. Monroe, UT

Safe and Free

Every time I experience Mullein essence, I feel a soft warmth spreading throughout my whole heart chakra. I feel safer yet freer and even feel as if I can breath deeper.

O.C. Monroe, UT

Freedom from Trauma

Apple Blossom always helps me feel a freedom from traumatizing past experiences or negative choices. It is a great flower essence helping you believe you have second chances.

O.C. Monroe, UT

Feel Love

Whenever I give up on myself, Garden Harebell gives the support I need to believe in myself, feel enough love not to give up.

O.C. Monroe, UT

Heal Deeply

Yarrow essence is the best to help me work through and heal the deep traumatic wounds of my life and see events more clearly and without blame. Not only the wounds of this life but past lives too. I feel a lot of gratitude for yarrow.

O.C. Monroe, UT

Amazing Teaching and Guide

I had the privilege of taking a class on flower essences given by Dr. Faith Christensen. I was unfamiliar with flower essences at the time, but was intrigued by the interface between the natural world of flowers and their energy, and my ability to connect with that. Dr. Christensen was an excellent teacher. I was able to begin to understand each of the essences we studied and to learn how to sit with them and avail myself of their wisdom and healing properties. And beyond the class, I was able to begin to understand the intricate and symbiotic relationship we all have as created beings in this world. I would highly recommend this class. Dr. Christensen is an amazing teacher and guide.

C. S.  Monument, CO

Experienced Teacher

Faith is an experienced teacher of Plant Essences. It was so informative and extremely interesting. As we shared our thoughts of sitting with the different essences I was surprised how similar our experiences were. Definitely worth taking as part of ones inner journey!

N.M. Colorado Springs, CO

Healing trauma

In addition to working through complex trauma with a therapist, I have used wild rose flower essence to help me unlock the ability to honor and appreciate myself as I am. This healing tool has been effective in stabilizing a consistent sense of self esteem and self worth.  Thanks!

S.W. Portland, OR

Life Changing Journey

In 2018 I began a life changing journey with Dr. Faith Christensen by understanding the power of plant messages through the use of her pocketbook edition; and by using the essences she has developed to daily connect to, and support my mind, body, and spirit!

C.W.K. Colorado Springs, CO

Bring Plant Essence Into Your Life

Thank you so much for bringing your flower essences to my world. I have been enjoying them since the summer and I absolutely love them!


J.D. New Hampshire

We use the Zoom online learning platform which allows for one on one sessions with the Dr Christensen and small groups to talk online and even see each other (if you choose to enable your webcam) during each group session. Each session can be recorded to review at any time.

You can discover more of the wisdom that resides within you and begin to see the shifts in your life that you are wanting.

Many of us live in an area where it is difficult to find Plant Essence workshops or groups. Many of us have busy schedules making it nice to be in community from the comfort of our own homes without the cost of travel and lodgings.

SO… we are bringing it to you!

Class Format

3 month Class $699.00 

Call 719-685-2500 or email for more information and to register.

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