Tree Medicine for Spring

Spring has come to Colorado and you can feel the buzz in the air as the plants and trees leave their winter slumber and return to active growth. The pine, ponderosa, and spruce trees began their activation first and now the willows, elms, and cottonwoods are now busy making seeds and leaves. Plant essences are usually made when the plant is actively making flowers and for trees, spring is their most active season. Globe Willow brings its message of integration, fueling your inner fire and becoming your full self.

Healthy Empathy

Today I was thinking about the concept of empathy. It is becoming a popular word and overall concept to help people understand that some people, including myself, can feel what others are feeling or take on the feeling of others intentionally or not. I really like the book The Empath’s Survival Guide by Judith Orloff, MD as it describes exactly what an Empath is and self care strategies to bring balance to your life.

“I Am Beautiful”-When You Don’t Really Believe It

Today in meditation, I heard the phrase “I am Beautiful.” For me, it is not something I readily think of when I look at myself. I don’t consider myself unattractive but somehow owning the phrase “I am Beautiful” did not hit as truth for me. After the meditation, I immediately tried to think of people in my life who had told me that I wasn’t beautiful. I mean, it must have come from someone else, right? Gratefully, I couldn’t think … More “I Am Beautiful”-When You Don’t Really Believe It »

Get Grounded in 2019

Feeling tired, buzzy, overwhelmed, stiff in your joints and muscles? These can be signs that you aren’t grounding. Grounding refers to connecting your body to the earth. Physical grounding or earthing refers to direct skin contact with the surface of the earth, such as with bare feet or hands, or with various grounding systems.(1)From an electromagnetic perspective, grounding provides a release of electrical activity into the ground. From an energetic standpoint, being grounded offers a solid foundation of feeling connected … More Get Grounded in 2019 »

Healing Art: Capturing the Essence of Plants With Art

I had the opportunity to attend the Southwest Botanical Conference and share our products at SCNM in sunny Tempe, Az this past weekend.  I am inspired in the desert seeing the multitude of plant life that grows. Sharing our greeting cards, jewelry, and prints with other plant lovers, herbalists and naturopathic doctors was a treat.  What I realized after talking with so many of the attendees is the uniqueness of how each image is created. From the first stages of … More Healing Art: Capturing the Essence of Plants With Art »

Organ Mobilization

Organ or Visceral manipulation is a gentle form of bodywork focused on optimizing organ function by releasing tension in the soft tissue surrounding an organ.  Since most people seek out care involving disease, dysfunction or imbalance in a specific organ, organ manipulation is an effective, direct treatment creating lasting health and healing. Conditions Helped by Organ Mobilization Comparative studies found visceral manipulation, the work of Jean-Pierre Barral, DO,  is effective for bloating, constipation, nausea, acid reflux, GERD, swallowing dysfunction, chronic pelvic … More Organ Mobilization »

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