Thriving in Uncertainty: Free Meditations

During these challenging times, uncertainty disrupts daily routines, increases fears, and can trigger issues around safety and wellbeing. Emotional stress, anxiety, and fear can decrease your immune response and increase inflammation in your body. Guided meditations decrease inflammation, support immune health, and build resilience. Resilience is defined as “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.”

The meditations listed below create resiliency by helping you ground, center, relax, and clear out anything that is not yours.  I recommend doing the meditations in order starting with the grounding meditation.  Each meditation builds on the prior meditation. Come back to listen any time you need support.

These are my gifts to you!  If you want more, check out these meditations.

Get Grounded


Grounding refers to connecting to your body and to the earth.  Grounding research  show a decrease in inflammation, improved immune responses, enhanced wound healing, and prevention and treatment of chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

Other ways to ground are to walk barefoot in the grass, holding grounding gemstones, sitting with your back up against a large tree, or taking plant essences that aid in grounding such as Brittlebush, Heron’s Bill, Mullein, Siberian Elm, Vicia, and Yucca.



Centering is all about  feeling centered in your body.  When stressed, your awareness tends to go to the mind to reason or rationalize what is going on.  Centering is a practice of bringing your awareness to your center, an area in your body that feels connected to all parts of your body.

It feels as if you sink into a deeper place in the body with a sense of calm and balance. Over time you might notice sensations such as the depth of space within yourself, a source of peace, calmness, and strength.

You can practice the Centering Exercise below and/or sit with plants and/or take plant essences that imprint the feeling of being centered: Bristlecone Pine, Calendula, Golden Dyssodia, Mullein, Siberian Elm, and Sweet Leaf.

If you like this meditation, check out Connecting to Your Inner Knower guided meditation.

RELAX Exercise helps you relax all the different parts of your body.  Stress, fear, worries about safety, feeling disconnected, and the general stress of the world can leave you feeling tense, muscle tension, headaches and feeling wound up. Follow the body scan relaxing all the different parts of your body.





Me Not Me


The body holds all that is you and all that you have collected, been dumped on, or been given by others. This exercise helps to identify where these feelings, thoughts, and memories are stored so that you can begin to clear out all that is not yours. Life is too brief to work on other people’s issues that you are not responsible for and cannot change. Focus on addressing your own issues and release any that are not you.

To understand what it feels like to be clear, you can also sit with plants and/or taking plant essences that clear your body: Blue Palo Verde, Golden Dyssodia, Orange Paintbrush, and Vicia.

If you like this meditation and want to dive deeper check out Colorado Blue Spruce Meditation: Reclaiming Your Space as Sacred.

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