New plant allies just in time for the holiday season

I hope your Thanksgiving was full of laughter and connection either in person or virtually. Getting together or not being able to get together with family can bring up a host of emotions. Historically the holiday season between Thanksgiving and New Year is a time where lots of old emotions and memories can surface. Old patterns within your family and memories of past Christmas and New Years show up in full force. Looking through the new plant essences I’ve recently added, I realize this would be the perfect time to introduce them. These delicate yet strong plants offer so much in connecting to untapped potential, embracing your current situation, providing support during transitions, and gathering strength during challenging times. Common patterns heightened during the holiday season are: 

  • changing yourself for others (Mexican heather), 
  • comparing and competing (Mariposa lily), 
  • reflecting on the past with a perspective of positive growth instead of stuckness (Purple orchid),  
  • ignoring or suppressing unpleasant thoughts and feelings (Moss rose),
  • focusing on everything wrong in the world (Cosmos). 

Go into this holiday season armed with your plant allies. Below is a brief introduction to each new essence. See if any of these resonate with the support you are needing during this time. You can also look at the plant essence page and see what image you are drawn to and read its message. Sitting with the image every day for a few minutes, wearing it as jewelry, spending time with the live plant, and taking the plant essence can all support you in this upcoming season. 

Mariposa lily

illustration of Mariposa Lilly
Mariposa Lily

Mariposa Lily (Calochortus gunnisonii) wants to show you who you are without any limitations. See yourself from the perspective of the universe: a brilliant glowing ball of light. Watch how your light shines brightly and connects with everything: an integral part of the web of life. Notice how connecting to your brilliant light encourages others to shine brightly. There is no comparing or competing. One person’s light does not dim the light of another. Light encouraging more light in the world. Read more

Mexican heather

Mexican Heather

Mexican Heather (Cuphea hyssopifolia) helps you experience cellular harmony, a vibrational resonance within each of your cells vibrating your own essence. Mexican Heather helps you harness the incredible amount of life force energy within yourself, in nature, and all of life on the earth. It connects you to your potential: feel vast, joyful, excited, and energized. Feel your whole body resonate at a higher frequency. Read more

Purple Orchid

Purple Orchid

Purple orchids are beautiful tropical flowers commonly found as indoor plants. Purple orchid allows you to look at yourself from a place of compassion, love, and inspiration. Its mission is to show you how much you have grown. Reflect on who you are now vs who you were a year ago or ten years ago. The gift of purple orchids is like reading an old journal and realizing you don’t think the same as when you wrote it. Another example would be looking at an old picture and realizing the person you are today is quite different from the one in the photo. Read more

Moss rose

Illlustration of Moss Rose
Moss Rose

Moss rose supports and guides during transitions and life changes. Moss rose gives you the courage and steadfastness to look at yourself and your life. Find the strength to take stock and be honest with yourself. Sort through all the old things you’ve tucked away. The things you would normally be afraid to look at. Read more



Cosmos guides you in search of new ways of being. Its name is no mistake connecting you to the resources of the cosmos. Cosmos are gatekeepers to all the dimensions of the universe. It connects you to all the resources available within all dimensions of the universe. Think outside the box of possibilities based on your experiences. Find new ways to heal: deep, creative, and expansive. Read more

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