Purple Orchid

Purple Orchid

Purple orchids (Phalaenopsis blume) are beautiful tropical flowers commonly found as indoor plants. Purple orchid allows you to look at yourself from a place of compassion, love and inspiration. Its mission is to show you how much you have grown. Reflect on who you are now vs who you were a year ago or ten years ago. The gift of purple orchids is like reading an old journal and realizing you don’t think the same as when you wrote it. Another example would be looking at an old picture and realizing the person you are today is quite different from the one in the photo.

Once you see how much you’ve grown, Purple orchid encourages you to embrace your current state of being. Next, it encourages cleaning house of all the past you are holding that weighs you down.  It brings up old thoughts.  Everything you’ve blamed on other people. Everything you’ve blamed on yourself when it wasn’t true. Orchid gives you the strength to look at yourself with honesty and compassion. Uncover your truth. See what you are holding that is no longer true for you. Recognize the pieces of the past you still cling to. Now when you revisit the old memory or thought, you recognize it isn’t true. Acknowledge and release old ideas, memories, thoughts, and emotions stored within your body, chakras, and energy fields. Let go of what is weighing you down and blocking you from your fullness.

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