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Berkey Countertop Water Filter
Instapot 6 Quart for Family of 4
Clip On Block Blue Light From Electronics For Less Eye Strain and Better Sleep
Salt Lamp

I love the Berkey Filter for filtering tap water. Its easy to use and filters out the key contaminants in drinking water. Also the filters do not need to be replaced that often.

The Instapot has become one of my most used kitchen items. Cook frozen meat and beans in no time.  The saute function allows you to brown meat or cook onions before using it as a slow cooker.  Brilliant!

Spending a lot of time on your computer, tablet, or phone.  The clip on blue blockers block 100% of the blue light emitted from electronic screens that can cause sleep disturbances and eye strain.  Definitely wear if you have screen time 2 hrs before going to bed.

Himalayan Salt Lamps shower you with negative ions to help reduce fatigue and the negative effects of electromagnetic energy from electronics.

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