Mariposa Lily

illustration of Mariposa Lilly
Mariposa Lilly

Mariposa Lily (Calochortus gunnisonii) wants to show you who you are without any limitations. See yourself from the perspective of the universe: a brilliant glowing ball of light. Watch how your light shines brightly and connects with everything: an integral part of the web of life. Notice how connecting to your brilliant light encourages others to shine brightly. There is no comparing or competing. One person’s light does not dim the light of another. Light encouraging more light in the world. 

Bathe in the vast untapped potential all around you. Connect to your light and soak in all that life is offering you at this moment. Be free from the shackles of the mind. Be free from thinking you need to be the same as everyone around you. Make peace with what stops you from shining. Root out all that keeps you small. Find the freedom to express yourself fully. Do not block yourself. Do not hate yourself. Do not wish yourself different. Do not focus on all the ways life should be different. Do not focus on how others should be different. Love all parts of yourself so you can receive love more fully from others. Be free from the limits you place on yourself. Now is the time to shine and be free. Free to be yourself fully and live life!

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