Find Your Peaceful Center

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Over the last few years, Two-tailed Swallowtails visit me on my back patio during the summer. I was shocked when I first saw one. The vibrancy of the colors: yellow, black and deep blue. The intricacies of the markings are quite stunning. It wasn’t until this summer, I realized the Swallowtail had a message for the world. It’s no coincidence I was drawn to it in this time of continued divide and upheaval in our world. The recent decisions within the US make me wonder, are we going backwards as a nation or forward. The message of the Two-tailed Swallowtail reminded me the answer to all problems is to be ourselves “living from a peaceful center, open hearted with a clear mind.”

Real change occurs when we show up being our authentic selves: peacefully centered, open hearted and clear minded. Each one of these are powerful in their own right. Put them together and you’ve got a triple power combo.

Since we all cannot be visited by a Two-tailed Swallowtail, it offers its message in words and by gazing on its wings. Sitting with the image of it can connect you to your peaceful center, open your heart, and clear your mind anytime, anyplace you need it.

Two-tailed Swallowtail

Two-tailed Swallowtail Message

Breathe in and find your center, your place of peace. The part of your body you feel peaceful when you connect to it. Take time to breathe in and find it.

Surrender to it. Breathe it in. Bathe in it. Soak in all the peace. Peace in knowing you are deeply loved, connected to all things. You are supported by the Divine, by nature all around you.

I can spark creative fire within you. Your deepest longings. Your boldest dreams. Your untapped talents.

I can take you to the depth of your heart and show you the enormity and unlimited power of your heart. It is bigger and stronger and more vital to your wellbeing than you’ve ever thought.

Breathe in and feel the wind and sun on your back as you glide through life with ease and purpose.

See the beauty in your life. Use life circumstances to your advantage. Calm your mind and steady your breath.

Go into the world with an open heart, clear mind and renewed sense of purpose. By doing so you change the world with ease, grace and kindness as your weapons. Be clear minded, anchored in peace and harnessing the power of an open heart.

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