Mexican Heather

Mexican Heather

Mexican Heather (Cuphea hyssopifolia) helps you experience cellular harmony, a vibrational resonance within each of your cells vibrating your own essence. Mexican Heather helps you harness the incredible amount of life force energy within yourself, in nature, and all of life on the earth. It connects you to your potential: feel vast, joyful, excited, and energized. Feel your whole body resonate at a higher frequency.

Cellular harmony is also contagious. Harmonizing with your essence raises your frequency. Your higher frequency naturally encourages others to harmonize with their own essence. A perfect example of quantum entanglement theory. When you are free to experience harmony within and with all of nature, you can reconnect with your excitement for living and the abundant resources available. 

Mexican Heather balances all your chakras, meridians, energy fields. It releases old patterns in all systems of the body: any debris of old thoughts, emotions, beliefs, you have outgrown and no longer need. Mexican heather releases unhealthy patterns through dreams, especially patterns held within the cells of the body. It releases any contracts or beliefs you have made that limit yourself and what you attract and manifest. Once released you feel a new levels of freedom: lighter, less weighted, and an ecstatic feeling overall. A rush of openness to life and all it offers.

Affinity for systems that filter in the body—liver, kidney, spleen, capillaries, lymph nodes, intestinal villi, et cetera. 

Optimizes cellular osmosis and channel pumping. All parts of the body working in harmony balancing how the body works within each system, organ, cell, nucleus—down to the atom and then out to the macrocosm of your fields and the information they hold to attract or repel. All harmonizing to your own essence and flowing through you to reinforce your own self and your own path. 


  • Loving someone means being responsible for them. 
  • Trying to make things better for others. 
  • Being bound up by cares, responsibility, and weight of the world. 
  • Believing in the limitation you have for yourself or others have told you/taught you.
  • Feeling like you live under a dark cloud. , despair, hopelessness, lack of motivation, what’s the point—overwhelmed thinking of trying to make a difference in your life or in the world. 

Do the patterns of Mexican Heather sound familiar? Taking a plant essence for 30 days can really help heal old patterns. Purchase Mexican Heather Plant Essence.

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