Healing Art: Capturing the Essence of Plants With Art

Opium Poppy Greeting Card with Opium Poppy

I had the opportunity to attend the Southwest Botanical Conference and share our products at SCNM in sunny Tempe, Az this past weekend.  I am inspired in the desert seeing the multitude of plant life that grows. Sharing our greeting cards, jewelry, and prints with other plant lovers, herbalists and naturopathic doctors was a treat.  What I realized after talking with so many of the attendees is the uniqueness of how each image is created. From the first stages of learning about the plant to the final product, we rely on collaboration with the plant to ensure we share the essence of the plant.

When we first talk with the plant, the plant communicates the image that it would like to represent in art.  I will take pictures of the plant until I get just the right composition that matches the vision of the plant.  The next step is taking the plant essence while creating the art piece.  The colors, contrast, and essence of the plant flows through the artist and onto the paper in such a vibrant way.  The final step is showing the art to the plant and making sure we got all the details that are important.  The results are amazing healing art that holds the essence of the plant in the form of art. Below are a few pictures I took with the art and the live plants demonstrating the aliveness of the images.

Opium Poppy Greeting Card with Opium Poppy
Yarrow Greeting Card with Yarrow
Hollyhock Large Pendant with Holly Hock
Calendula Greeting Card with Calendula
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