Tree Medicine for Spring

Spring has come to Colorado and you can feel the buzz in the air as the plants and trees leave their winter slumber and return to active growth. The pine, ponderosa, and spruce trees began their activation first and now the willows, elms, and cottonwoods are now busy making seeds and leaves. Plant essences are usually made when the plant is actively making flowers and for trees, spring is their most active season. Globe Willow brings its message of integration, fueling your inner fire and becoming your full self.

Globe Willow Tree Essence

Finding the time to sit, the space to be, the place to sit, takes time. All are important on your journey. I bring a lightness and encourage slowing down. Take the time to breathe. The time to breathe all the way into your feet and root into this moment. Your presence is all that is required. Take time to settle into yourself. Get to know who you are. Your own essence. Your spark of life and being-ness free from all you have gathered within your body. All the things that others have said or thought about you. Somehow you believed them.

My dear one, they do not know you. You believed them because you do not know yourself. You were taught to ignore, repress, suppress, and model perfectness. You are much bigger, brighter, and way more fun than that. Your inward treasures are vast and cannot be counted.

The beauty of who you are shines through even when you try to block it. My love, it is time to shine. It is time to accept that you are blessed. Be open and integrate all that you are and all that you do not know about yourself.

Breathe deeply and you can see it starting the fire that has been slowly kindling within your being. The fire that no matter how many times you try to put it out still burns, however quietly. Now is the time to stoke the fire. Honor yourself and release the fear you have of your own power. My dear, it is time. You know that it is. The sacred fire burning within you, awakens you, connects you to purpose and light and joy. It is calling you!

“Come closer and be warmed. Come sit with me and be not afraid. My light is your light. My strength is your strength. My hope is your hope. Whatever you believe about yourself that diminishes you, isolates or scares you, place it in the fire. Let those beliefs fuel you as you release them. It is time to honor your own sacredness. ”  

You are perfectly created to be your unique self by the Divine.   You honor life by being your full self. By experiencing life fully, you honor yourself, the Divine, and the sacredness of life. 

To support these changes, use Globe Willow Essence daily or sit with your local Globe Willow Tree. Click here to purchase.

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