Cosmos (Cosmos bipinnatus) guides you in search of new ways of being. Its name is no mistake connecting you to the resources of the cosmos. Cosmos are gatekeepers to all the dimensions of the universe. It connects you to all the resources available within all dimensions of the universe. Think outside the box of possibilities based on your experiences. Find new ways to heal: deep, creative, and expansive.

Be brave in what you are experiencing. You are going through an awakening, rapid growth, and reclamation. Don’t focus on all that is wrong in the world. Life is a gift, a brief moment, a blip in the big picture. Plant your feet. Take a breath. I will take you for a ride. I will take you on a tour of the cosmos. See how the universe is organized. See the beauty in the chaos. Look closer and you will see the connections between all things. See how small you are within the expanse of space. At the same time, see how your life is woven into the story of time. You are both nothing and everything. Take in the significance of this reality. You are free and connected to your power: empowered freedom to BE. It’s all the universe is asking of you. Experience the peaceful calm of being connected to all the support of the universe.

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