Cut Leaf Evening Primrose

Cut Leaf Evening Primrose

Oenothera laciniata

Excerpt from Honoring The Wisdom in Nature Pocketbook Edition with 54 Plant Essence Card

“My gift is to know you are loved from the core
of your being. Receive love.”

Keywords: unconditional love, calm, wholeness, honoring

Habitat: Cut Leaf Evening Primrose grows throughout North America east of the Rocky Mountains and a few areas west of the Rockies. It is found along trails and fence rows. It flowers from March through
October. The pale yellow to whitish flowers have pinkish sepals and
open in the evening, withering the next morning.


Opens all the chakras in the back of the body to support being open to
receiving. It helps ll out the spaces in your body by integrating parts
unconnected to the whole body.

It provides more action than words. Cut Leaf Evening Primrose
provides a “felt sense” experience. “An internal aura that encompasses
everything you feel and know about the given subject at a given time—
encompasses it and communicates it to you all at once rather than
detail by detail.” 2

Physically feel unconditional love. Know that you are not alone. Find
the deep sense of being loved and supported by the Divine felt in the whole body. The sweetness of a lover’s/loved one’s glance. Being
seen and loved for who you are. The wisdom of patience and a deeper

Honor all parts of yourself. No measure!

Sexual honoring: An honoring of self at the most vulnerable level.
Holding the pelvis as a sacred space.

Body image: Able to love the parts of yourself that you do not like.

Spiritual/religious expectations: Ability to receive unconditional
love from the Divine and let go of any measurement.


Viewing any part of yourself as unworthy, ugly, bad, evil and then
isolating or banishing that part of yourself.

Needing to be different, better, or measuring self to a standard and
not accepting all parts of yourself.


“Open yourself to receive the love that is always available.”

Illustration: Casey Wait ©2018  

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