Wild Rose

Excerpt from Honoring The Wisdom in Nature Pocketbook Edition with 54 Plant Essence Cards

“Feel the sweetness and strength of being unconditionally supported, loved, and encouraged. Sweetly express your true nature. The love in your heart expands to encompass your whole being.”

Keywords: integrity, love, acknowledgement, peace, active healing, freedom

Habitat: Wild Rose, also known as Wood Rose or Western Wild Rose, grows as a shrub in open woods, plains, and stream banks across most of the Western United States. It blooms from May through July.


A template for unconditional love. Sweetness and strength that comes from being unconditionally
supported, loved, and encouraged by the Divine to make yourself known and to be known.

Releasing your deepest woundedness and letting go of how it de nes you. Feeling of being held and
supported in a gentle, strong way. Able to feel expansive and grounded in the same breath. Muscles feel
like they are being massaged, tingling, and comforted.

The bud speaks of potential, a life lived, a knowing realized, a breath experienced, a strength carried
through. One breath to hold the in nite. Sweetly express your true nature. The love of your heart expands
to encompass your whole body.

See the expression of the Divine/Universal love and be in awe of its grandeur, strength, and simplicity. I can heal your wounded places, the ones even you are not aware. I can heal your grief, your suffering, your loss, and your contempt. Allow me to be present while your grief is expressed, your loss known, your grievances heard, and then look at them oat away getting smaller and smaller until they are no longer visible.


  • Fear of ridicule, rejection, or feeling unloved both by others and by self. Holding on to past memories and injustices.
  • Having a closed heart.


“Speak to me of ways to be free, to know.”


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