Plant Essence Consultation

Plants are a beautiful part of nature that carry powerful essences, energy, and messages for us all. With Dr. Christensen’s help, you can have a deeply personal relationship with the amazing plant realm. The plants will help you find new inner strength, confidence, compassion, and guide you in treating yourself and others with greater love and respect.  

Plants offer their unconditional love and support to help you identify unhealthy patterns in thoughts or emotions. Gently and powerfully,  plant essences help connect you to the area of the body holding the pattern and provide a new template, a new blueprint, to change what isn’t working anymore to heal and grow.  Many of these patterns are automatic/habits or reside in your subconscious. Plant essences bring these automatic or subconscious patterns into your consciousness so you have a choice in how you respond instead of reacting.

 During a plant essence consultation, Dr. Christensen will ask you about your present concerns and past health history. Dr Faith will work with you to identify plant essences most helpful to your individual situation. She will suggest several plant essences specifically for you. Plant essence consultations are 10- 25 min in length through phone or video appointments. Video appointment can be recorded upon request. Pricing

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