Plant Essence Consultation

Plants are a beautiful part of nature that carry powerful essences, energy, and messages for us all. With Dr. Christensen’s help, you can have a deeply personal relationship with the amazing plant realm. The plants will help you find new inner strength, confidence, compassion, and guide you in treating yourself and others with greater love and respect.  

Plants offer their unconditional love and support to help you identify unhealthy patterns in thoughts or emotions. Gently and powerfully,  plant essences help connect you to the area of the body holding the pattern and provide a new template, a new blueprint, to change what isn’t working anymore to heal and grow.  Many of these patterns are automatic/habits or reside in your subconscious. Plant essences bring these automatic or subconscious patterns into your consciousness so you have a choice in how you respond instead of reacting.


 During a plant essence consultation, Dr. Christensen will ask you about your present concerns and past health history. Dr Faith will work with you to identify plant essences most helpful to your individual situation. She will suggest several plant essences specifically for you. Plant essence consultations are 10- 25 min in length through phone or video appointments. Video appointment can be recorded upon request. Pricing

Bring Plant Essence Into Your Life

Thank you so much for bringing your flower essences to my world. I have been enjoying them since the summer and I absolutely love them!  

J.D. New Hampshire

Grateful for Help

I am thankful for Dr Christensen’s healing help. I know now that God has answered my prayers to take away the pain Ive been suffering from so long. Dr Faith is God’s helper…an angel. She is blessed with love and kindness.

E.T.  Fort Hall Indian Reservation, Idaho

Takes Away Fear

Whenever I meet up with Western Spiderwort essence, I feel like I have met up with an old friend, who just holds me and takes away fear.

O.C. Monroe, UT

Heal Deeply

Yarrow essence is the best to help me work through and heal the deep traumatic wounds of my life and see events more clearly and without blame. Not only the wounds of this life but past lives too. I feel a lot of gratitude for yarrow.

O.C. Monroe, UT

Freedom from Trauma

Apple Blossom always helps me feel a freedom from traumatizing past experiences or negative choices. It is a great flower essence helping you believe you have second chances.

O.C. Monroe, UT

Healer of Mind, Body and Spirit

How can I ever thank Dr Christensen for all she has been and given to me. She is a healer of mind, body and spirit. Dr Christensen is gifted in “seeing” deep into one’s heart to know where relief and healing are to flow. She has been witness to some pivotal, powerful spiritual revelations and caregiver to my deepest self. I am so grateful!

D.M.  Colorado Springs, CO

Transformational Healing

Im so grateful for Dr Christensen’s continued help as I work through all the different health issues that come up. It really helps me to connect with her via phone appointments and am amazed by her knowledge and skills! I feel like this year has been a big one for continuing to transform and shift in positive ways! Im excited to see whats in store in the next year.

E.C. Asheville, NC

Healing trauma

In addition to working through complex trauma with a therapist, I have used wild rose flower essence to help me unlock the ability to honor and appreciate myself as I am. This healing tool has been effective in stabilizing a consistent sense of self esteem and self worth.  Thanks!

S.W. Portland, OR

Body and Mind Balance

Ive only been in a few times and Dr Faith has been a great help!  I came in with severe anxiety from trauma and back issues. Sessions with Dr Faith and the supplements she has provided helped my body and mind find balance, lessened anxiety and aided in resolving my physical pain.  Very thankful for Dr Faith!

M.M. Colorado Springs, CO

Profound and Empowering

My experience working with Dr. Christensen has been profound and empowering.  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to connect with their own intuition and experience a great sense of healing.

C.B.A. Portsmouth, NH

Enlightening Life

For many years, Dr Christensen has been an enlightening part of my life.  Ive been lucky enough to experience her vast healing talents as well as her professional compassion. Ive loved our sessions! Im thankful for the health, healing and trust that she built in me.

B.T.  Tuscon, AZ

Life Changing Journey

In 2018 I began a life changing journey with Dr. Faith Christensen by understanding the power of plant messages through the use of her pocketbook edition; and by using the essences she has developed to daily connect to, and support my mind, body, and spirit!

C.W.K. Colorado Springs, CO

Feel Love

Whenever I give up on myself, Garden Harebell gives the support I need to believe in myself, feel enough love not to give up.

O.C. Monroe, UT

Heart Opening

When I take Dotted Blazing Star, I  am supported and feel a space opening up in my heart for myself. I feel like I am able to shoot up through the middle of every thing holding me back.

O.C. Monroe, UT

Deeper Healing

In spite of years of interior work, counseling and education, I continued to experience blocks to freedom and wholeness, sometimes manifesting in physical symptoms and emotional distress. I have been going to see Dr Faith for about a year. I go once a month to receive Craniosacral Therapy. This therapy, particularly Dr. Faith’s intuitive gifting with it, has allowed me to experience deeper healing and wholeness as my body experiences release of old patterns that create a freer life.

C.P.S. Monument, CO

True Caring

I feel blessed to have worked with Dr Christensen and see how you have helped my wife and I.  Obviously I’ve been impressed with your professional expertise in healing and diagnosing. But more than that, I appreciate the way you truly care.

A.N  Colorado Springs, CO

Safe and Free

Every time I experience Mullein essence, I feel a soft warmth spreading throughout my whole heart chakra. I feel safer yet freer and even feel as if I can breath deeper.

O.C. Monroe, UT

Forever Grateful

Thank you so much for all you have done and continue to do for our family. We are forever grateful. A large topic of conversation for our family is how blessed we are to have you in our lives. Thank you for everything!

K.K Salida, CO
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