Western Spiderwort

Excerpt from Honoring The Wisdom in Nature Pocketbook Edition with 54 Plant Essence Card

“Open your eyes to see everything. It is time to be brave, release old fears, and come into alignment with your essence.”

Keywords: open, brave, let go, break free, authenticity

Habitat: Western Spiderwort, also know as Prairie Spiderwort, grows throughout the Western and Midwestern United States, in moist, well-drained soil, in sun or light shade. Flowers stay open until mid- day and only last one day. Each flower takes its turn opening, two or three at a time.


Be brave experiencing your feelings. Own them! Do not discount them, filter them, or change them. Break free from the bondage of past choices. Let loose and experience life with more authenticity. You are not alone, even the dust can help you along the way. Everything you touch is dynamically interfacing with you, synergy, catalyst, guide, and mentor. The leaf reminds you to be strong, supportive, and solid wrapping you up in its essence.

Be present in knowing your true desires. The un ltered version of yourself. Be aware of how life morphs, changes, and transitions based on your state of mind. Clearly see how you cannot ever see the future distinctly and be okay with the unknown ow of life. Know you are loved unconditionally, never alone and never without support.


  • Changing your principles because it seems too hard, not politically correct or popular. Needing approval or affirmation regarding your chosen path.
  • Not able to ask for help or discuss feelings.


“Be brave in all that you face, uncompromising in your dedication to the path ahead by taking one step at a time.” “Love life, the journey, and the transformation.”

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