Focused Assessment

I really appreciated the focus on assessment in the Tensegrity Workshop and the work in groups. It was very helpful and the perfect way to integrate the detailed information.  

Clear Shift

I just wanted to give a little more feedback about the Brain Balancing class.  I have felt a clear shift in my own brain-wiring, which has led me to clarity about my practice. Also, it feels like I began integrating and applying the instruction in the class immediately, with great success!  So, thank you both so much for profound and info-packed classes that are somehow still easily applicable, immediately!  I am so looking forward to the next brain class.

Grounded Way of Presenting

I found the demos really helpful. Great teaching staff. Incredibly grounded way of presenting very esoteric concepts and grounding them in science.

Clear and Concise Teaching

I appreciated the clear and concise way the material was presented. Lots of information and well organized and understandable. I signed up based on Einat’s recommendation and am very glad I did. I also feel like this work has already been helpful for my own healing.

Great Class

I appreciated the booklet to refer back to. The class had great pacing. Dr Christensen is a great teacher. She is proficient and knowledgable, no undercurrents or pomp, just sharing her wealth of experience.

Brain Balancing Class

I appreciated the course materials and the guided work. I really enjoyed the openness and inclusivity of the attendees of the class.

Great Workshop

I appreciated the slide set with illustrations, the patient cases from your practice. I also appreciated Dr Christensen’s knowledge, experience and presence.

Facilitating awareness and healing

Using the flower essence card deck helped me reach supportive plant essences I didn’t realize I needed. Always relevant and sometimes humbling, I discovered areas I needed to evolve in. Facilitating awareness, compassion and support through flower essence to these areas has been invaluable in my healing. SW Portland, OR

Healing trauma

In addition to working through complex trauma with a therapist, I have used wild rose flower essence to help me unlock the ability to honor and appreciate myself as I am. This healing tool has been effective in stabilizing a consistent sense of self esteem and self worth.  Thanks!

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