Mexican Heather Pendant


“Connect to your potential. Feel vast, joyful, excited, and energized. Your whole body resonates at a higher frequency.”  Mexican Heather

Carry the wisdom, inspiration, and strength of plant essences throughout your day with beautifully drawn images handcrafted into pendants and keychains.  Each image is a a symbol for change, inspiration, and positive affirmation.  Find the image that calls to you, and see what message it brings to your life.

Silver and Glass 3/4″ x 1.2″ on a 18 inch 1mm ball chain. Not Water Resistant.

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Silver and Glass 3/4″ x 1.2″ on a 18 inch 1mm ball chain. Not Water Resistant.

VITA VIS creates artwork that captures the essence of a plant. From the beginning concept to the final touches, VITA VIS artists consult with the plant in all aspects of the creative process. Read More About Healing Art

“When I first communicate with the plant, the plant shares the image that it would like to represent in art form. I take pictures of the plant until I capture the vision of the plant. The next step is taking the plant essence while painting the plant. The colors, contrast, and essence of the plant flows through me and onto the paper in such a vibrant way. The final step is showing the drawn art to the plant and making sure all the important details are included. The results are illustrations that hold the healing essence of the plant.”  Faith Christensen, VITA VIS founder and primary illustrator.


Mexican Heather (Cuphea hyssopifolia) helps you experience cellular harmony, a vibrational resonance within each of your cells vibrating your own essence. Mexican Heather helps you harness the incredible amount of life force energy within yourself, in nature, and all of life on the earth. It connects you to your potential: feel vast, joyful, excited, and energized. Feel your whole body resonate at a higher frequency.

Cellular harmony is also contagious. Harmonizing with your essence raises your frequency. Your higher frequency naturally encourages others to harmonize with their own essence. A perfect example of quantum entanglement theory. When you are free to experience harmony within and with all of nature, you can reconnect with your excitement for living and the abundant resources available.

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