French Lavender

Excerpt from Honoring The Wisdom in Nature Pocketbook Edition with 54 Plant Essence Card

french lavender

“Relax and be happy. Tap into your inherent
energy, ignite creative potential, and see what

Keywords: witness, support, manifestation, perspective

Habitat: French Lavender grows in temperate climates throughout the
world. It prefers well drained, rocky locations. It is grown as a garden
plant and is not found in the wild very often.


Little by little you will realize, see, and know the path that you wish
to travel. I am your witness, your support, your con dant, and your
champion. I can hold what you want to manifest, your intentions, your
desired growth. Allow me to support your process.

My goal is to afirm, support, and lend strength in the moments of
the day when you need it. My strength lies in perseverance. I look at what needs to be done and I focus on one step at a time. Step by step. Moment by moment change is made little by little until you look up and realize where you are and what you have accomplished.

Promotes a feeling of happiness. Smell the leaves and smile. Burn and
smell the fragrant smoke. See how it makes you sigh and smile. Take a
cleansing breath: breathe in happiness and breathe out stress. A single
ower provides a promise of hope and that happiness is a choice. A
choice moment by moment dependent on the big picture.

Creation and Time: My gift to you is time. I can stretch time to give
the space to create, to grow, and to thrive. Promotes joyfulness while
creating. Applying the creative process to all situations. It is relaxing
to the muscles in the body and activates the right brain.


  • I will be happy when. . .
  • Release from the parameters of what you think will make you happy.


“Make it be known to me what to do.”
“Relax and be happy.”

Illustration: Faith Christensen ©2018

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