Rocky Mountain Collection Greeting Card Set


Bring home the flowers of the Rocky Mountains. Each blank greeting card shares the message of the flower on the back of the card.  Set includes White Columbine, Wild Rose, Yellow Blanket Flower, Silver-Stem Lupine, and Rocky Mountain Juniper.

Get five greeting cards for the price of 4!

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VITA VIS honors the wisdom and sacred geometry of plants by creating drawings and messages that express each flower’s essence.

Card size 4.25 in x 5.5 in. Envelope Included.

Yellow Blanket Flower“Come to your center, full of vitality, life, free will, and an open heart. See your imperfect self radiating outward and love wholeheartedly.”

Wild Rose“Feel the sweetness and strength of being unconditionally loved. Sweetly express your true nature and let your heart expand to encompass your whole being.”

Silver-Stem Lupine:   “Love wraps and supports over time healing deeply, completely, and thoroughly.  It supports and doesn’t take chances to leave you without.  It’s always there, always present, always offered.”

White Columbine:   “Free yourself from what others see as beautiful. Beauty is inherent when you are free to express yourself. Accept that you are beautiful and receive what unfolds.”

Rocky Mountain Juniper:   “I am here to honor, ignite and shine light on all of life. Trust in the divine and enjoy the freedom in co-creating.”



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