SubAlpine Arnica

Excerpt from Honoring The Wisdom in Nature Pocketbook Edition with 54 Plant Essence Card

“I speak to you of trust. Trust your being. Know that your essence is expressed, your signature wrapped up in all that you do. Remember your star like qualities—effervescent, bright, always shining, beautiful, radiant, warm, and open.”

Keywords: effervescent, bright, always shining, beautiful, radiant,
warm, open

Habitat: Subalpine Arnica grows deeply rooted in alpine meadows and rocky slopes in high altitude mountainous areas blooming in July and August. It is native to the Western United States and Canada. It is related to Arnica montana, well known for its use to treat bruises both topically and in homeopathic form. The whole plant has a wonderful pine smell when rubbed.


I am a star. Find strength in openness, radiating in your beingness.
When you are connected to your essence, open and allow yourself
to radiate: there is nothing stronger or more beautiful. The sun, our
closest star, does not wane, get drained, or change itself when all
living things receive its light. It shines and life receives its light.
Subalpine Arnica carries the template of letting your light shine,
knowing that it is your natural state of being.

My gift is in knowing when to trust. Trust and be at peace without
knowing all the answers. Find satisfaction with the patience it takes
to watch life unfold. See all the ways things present, change, move,
and transform. It comes from a place we do not really know. A place
beyond the mind, the breath, and the subconscious. This place, the
place of our knowing, belonging, and purpose—our spirit.


  • Counters not believing in yourself. Behaving contrary to your essence.
  • Letting others control you. Belittling yourself.
  • Worrying that others with take advantage or manipulate you or those you love.
  • Thinking that you have to be closed to be protected. Thinking that openness is vulnerability.


“Let your light shine.”

Illustration: Faith Christensen ©2018

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