Excerpt from Honoring The Wisdom in Nature Pocketbook Edition with 54 Plant Essence Cards

“Seize the day! Know the choice you make today can lead to a different outcome than yesterday. Have the courage to live outside the box of cause and effect.”

Keywords: courage, expansive, thinking, choices

Habitat: Snapdragons are also known as Dragon Flowers due to the flowers resembling the face of a dragon. They are native to rocky areas of Europe, the United States, and North Africa.


Open your mind and connect with your heart to see the paths that lay before you: positive, life changing, over-arching, grand plans that are yours to take. Find the courage to go down a path you have already chosen that ended in hardship, heartache, despair, and loss. See that things are always changing, ever
in flux, never the same path, no matter how many times you have walked it before.

Allow your mind to think outside the box of cause and effect. Free your mind from fears of repeating the past. Be courageous in living life knowing that it is full of possibility. The mind when focused on fear and worry is the only thing limiting the future.

Put the past to sleep. Let it slumber and fade into a dream you cannot fully remember. Heal from all that has happened by honoring your willingness and courage to live. Handle all outcomes with the same strength and honor of listening to yourself. Your heart’s desire, your head’s concerns, and your mental thoroughness. Connect to your soul and listen to the song it is singing.


  • Living in fear of repeating the past. Living safely or small to avoid pain and heartache. Making decisions from the mind and not the heart.
  • Worry about making the wrong choice leading to indecisiveness.


“The past does not dictate the future. Make choices that are free from fears of repeating the past.”


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