Siberian Elm

Excerpt from Honoring The Wisdom in Nature Pocketbook Edition with 54 Plant Essence Card

Siberian Elm Plant Essence Painting

“Love is when you breathe deeply, open your
heart wide, and live. Trust your own knowing.
Find what you seek within.”

Keywords: understanding, subconscious, past lives, surrender, centering

Habitat: Siberian Elm was introduced to the plains of the United States
after the dustbowl due to its heartiness, drought tolerance, and high
sun requirements. It can be found in abundance in abandoned lots and on disturbed ground.


Listen within to the whisper like a slight breeze on your cheek, letting you know that there is something important. A message to look inward and find what you seek. Be free of the binds, expectations, and holds others have on your experiences and your emotions.

My life has been long and my understanding great, and yet, as I
breathe in, I am amazed by of the multitude of experiences that still lie
before me. My dear, take a foothold and climb into a different place
free from all that you think you know. Free from past teachings to
explore life anew.

Siberian Elm produce an enormous amount of seed yet very few
actually grow. So too is the abundance of potential possibilities and
the present options available. Frame what you want to do/be and
accomplish it in life. Connect with the knowledge of past lives and how
it impacts the present. Make conscious choices by understanding your
subconscious drive.

Do less. Just be present to observe and like the dead branches of a
tree, when no longer needed, the wind will remove them. There is no
need to actively prune, worry, or deeply explore. All you need is in this
moment. The depth, the clarity, the understanding. The bridge from
subconscious to conscious.


  • Repeating choices based on the past and past lives.
  • Seeing your path too narrowly.
  • Seeing things through a lens controlled by others.
  • Thinking that you have to work hard to understand subconscious issues.


“Listen within to the whisper. A message to look inward and find
what you seek.”

Illustration: Faith Christensen ©2018

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