Summer Garden Collection Greeting Card Set


Enjoy the flowers of summer anytime. Each blank greeting card shares the message of the flower on the back of the card.  Set includes Hollyhock, Tea Rose, Lilac, Dianthus, and Snapdragon.

Get five greeting cards for the price of 4!

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VITA VIS honors the wisdom and sacred geometry of plants by creating drawings and messages that express each flower’s essence.

Card size 4.25 in x 5.5 in. Envelope Included.

Snapdragon“Seize the day! Know the choice you make today can lead to a different outcome than yesterday. Have the courage to live outside the box of cause and effect.”

Hollyhock“Softness balanced with strength. Feel safe to let your beingness radiate, attracting what you most desire.”

Lilac“Take time to breathe deeply, slow down, be still, and smile. Find the touchstone of breath: the quiet that comes, the release, and renewal.”

Dianthus“Stand strong in who you are and what you want. Believe that you can have it!  Sparks of creative genius. Remember the vastness of your strengths and accomplishments.”

Tea Rose“Let your mind go to receive help from all that is around you. Find peace and know that there is time to unfold, the support to do it, and the pace inherent in the process.”




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