Hollyhock Keychain Gift Box


“I can teach you how to balance softness and strength. Feel safe to let your beingness radiate, attracting what you most desire.”–Holly Hock.  Read More

Give the gift of support, positive affirmation and encouragement.  Plants offer an abundance of love to those who connect with them. Match the message of the plant to send your well wishes for a personalized gift.  Each gift box contains a greeting card, plant essence, and keychain.

Bundle and save $5 vs buying each individually.

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Gift box dimensions 5.25 in x 6.25 in x 1 in. Contains greeting card with envelope, 1/4 oz plant essence, and keychain. Keychain is not water resistant.

VITA VIS honors the wisdom and sacred geometry of plants by creating drawings and messages that express each flower’s essence.

Carry the wisdom, inspiration, and strength of plant essences throughout your day with beautifully drawn images handcrafted into pendants, keychains, and greeting cards.  Each image is a symbol for change, inspiration, and positive affirmation.  Find the image that calls to you, and see what message it brings to your life.


Quiet tenacity: own your own words and actions without pushing it in someone’s face. Softness balanced with strength. See the softness of the petals to the hardiness of stem and leaves in balance and both needed. Archetype of a farm wife who has delicate china, linens, and is also a female warrior working side-by-side with men to provide, protect, and create. Hollyhock is a sentinel plant. It watches over its community, those you consider family. Each flower on a plant has a different job that changes as each flower unfolds, representing different seasons in life’s cycles.

Find the humility needed to accomplish great things. Humbly allow the flow of the Divine to fully express through you. Widen your view to see the structure in life and that the depths of your desires are known. Woe be to anyone who stands in the way of the power in truth and knowing. Universal truths, your truth, the truth in the moment.

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Dimensions 5 × 6 × 1 in
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