Excerpt from Honoring The Wisdom in Nature Pocketbook Edition with 54 Plant Essence Cards

“I can teach you how to balance softness and strength. Feel safe to let your beingness radiate, attracting what you most desire.”

Keywords: quiet tenacity, softness, strength, comfort

Habitat: Hollyhock grows throughout North America in well-drained soil in full sun. If grown from seed, planted in the late summer or early fall for it will bloom the next year.


Quiet tenacity: own your own words and actions without pushing it in someone’s face. Softness balanced with strength. See the softness of the petals to the hardiness of stem and leaves in balance and both needed. Archetype of a farm wife who has delicate china, linens, and is also a female warrior working side-by-side with men to provide, protect, and create. Hollyhock is a sentinel plant. It watches over its community, those you consider family. Each flower on a plant has a different job that changes as each flower unfolds, representing different seasons in life’s cycles.

Find the humility needed to accomplish great things. Humbly allow the flow of the Divine to fully express through you. Widen your view to see the structure in life and that the depths of your desires are known. Woe be to anyone who stands in the way of the power in truth and knowing. Universal truths, your truth, the truth in the moment.

Hollyhock transports you to the edges of time, the spectrum of untouched to all encompassing. In every moment both are present. The outer petals representing timelessness and the innermost center being in the moment, activating the center of the brain. Hollyhock can act as a vortex of time and contains the knowledge of millennia.

Feel safe as you drop the external facade. Let your beingness radiate to attract your soul’s desire and align with your essence. The leaves help you embrace your essence and let it radiate without the outer shell you present to the world. Hollyhock is deeply calming to the nervous system, hormones, and chakras.


  • Projecting an exterior image of self that does not match your inner truth.
  • Fear, judgment, betrayal, self loathing, manipulating, lying, dishonesty to yourself and others.
  • Thoughts that tell you it is not safe to be yourself. It is not wise to be yourself.
  • Aggression, anger, and hardness.


“Let your beingness radiate to attract the desires of your soul.”

Illustration: Casey Wait ©2018

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