Colorado Trails Collection Greeting Card Set


Enjoy the gems of Colorado trails. Each blank greeting card shares the message of the flower on the back of the card. Set includes Orange Paintbrush, Wild Geranium, Prairie Coneflower, Yucca, and Dotted Blazing Star.

Get five greeting cards for the price of 4!

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VITA VIS honors the wisdom and sacred geometry of plants by creating drawings and messages that express each flower’s essence.

Card size 4.25 in x 5.5 in. Envelope Included.

Prairie Coneflower“Give yourself a big hug, feel the love, the strength, and the support you have within yourself. Put yourself first and let the power of love heal you.”

Orange Paintbrush“Release the cares of the world. They are not yours to keep. Be at peace knowing you can only change your own thoughts and emotions.”

Dotted Blazing Star“Embrace your uniqueness, your own style and way of doing things. Live in gratitude receiving the blessing of life for yourself.”

Yucca“Deeply ground, be open, feel safe, and nurtured. See your essence with new eyes. Release the past to truly live.”

Wild Geranium“Find the place inside yourself that transcends thoughts and emotions. I will hold you and let you know that everything will be all right.”




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