Orange Paintbrush

Excerpt from Honoring The Wisdom in Nature Pocketbook Edition with 54 Plant Essence Card

Orange Paintbrush

“Release the cares of the world. They are not
yours to keep. Be at peace knowing you can
only change your own thoughts and emotions.”

Keywords: soft, gentle, continuous support, boundaries

Habitat: Orange Paintbrush, also know as Wholeleaf Indian Paintbrush, is commonly found in the foothills and woodlands throughout the Southwestern United States in Pinyon/Juniper and Ponderosa forest communities.


Orange Paintbrush works with all energy fields, meridians, and chakras clearing them so that they can integrate and balance. It works on the outer energy fields from the 4th extending outward. These energy fields filter community and world thoughts and emotions. Clears out the fields rather than strengthening the boundaries of the eld. When working the energy fields, you can experience a sensation of gently being squeezed or a feeling of being put back together.

Within the head I work my way around all the spaces in the brain, looking for parts that need integrating. I find areas that block the fullness of your being, that keep you in the dark, alone and afraid, overwhelmed by the weight of the world, your lack, and your fears. Experience my ever-present, continuous support to remove that which blocks your endeavors, keeps you in darkness, and filled with the cares of the world. I wait for things to emerge and gently escort them out. After clearing out and integrating, I provide the awareness for you to continue this process on your own, always available to help if needed.


  • Feeling separate, disconnected, scattered, or oppressed.
  • Not able to separate your own feelings from the cares of the world.
  • Internalizing world struggles and events as your own in your physical body.


“I release and support your fullness on a daily basis.”

Illustration: ChristyMetz©2018

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