Excerpt from Honoring The Wisdom in Nature Pocketbook Edition with 54 Plant Essence Card

“Take time to breathe deeply, slow down, be still, and smile. Find the touchstone of breath: the quiet that comes, the release, and renewal. Winter slumber, summer nights. All need breath to make it right.”

Keywords: beautiful, lovely, enthusiastic, nurturing, supportive

Habitat: Lilac, also known as Common Lilac, is a shrub that grows throughout most of the United States. It
is easy to grow in well drained soils in a warm, sunny position.


Speaks as many voices. Relaxing and invigorating, like the feeling of standing in a misting rain. Deeply
relaxing the longer you sit with it. The scent of the flower on the wind creates the same experience. Lilacs
like to smell the wind and scent it with its fragrance. My fragrance, though strong, is fleeting, lasting only
a day or two once picked. When I am in bloom, take time to breathe in deeply. My scent will transport you
to childhood days of play and freedom. Remember the feeling of exploring nature, feeling free without
responsibility or daily cares. See the way to add play and freedom to your life.

Find time to sit and enjoy my fragrance, the warm sun, the scent of spring. Feel the coolness of the earth
as it transitions from spring to summer. Sit and enjoy the moment, all the senses can take part. Hear the
birds chirping, the bees buzzing, my strong scent, and all the newness of spring. Remember this feeling
when you need a change, a fresh start. Explore how starting over can be exciting and invigorating. Breathe
deeply and focus on your body. Lilac’s cool, crisp energy melts away worry, relaxing both the mind and
chronically tight muscles. It offers support like a friend’s hug. It supports the art of breathing and the
template of how to breathe deeply.


  • Unable to breathe deeply.
  • Thinking that you do not have time for yourself.


“Make time, make space, breathe some more.”

“Find time to play every day.”

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