Blue Violet Leaf

Excerpt from Honoring The Wisdom in Nature Pocketbook Edition with 54 Plant Essence Card

Blue Violet Leaf

“As I transmute the energy of the sun into my being, I encourage you to do the same with what feeds you. Recognize what fuels your growth and know how to best utilize resources so that you can flourish.”

Keywords: strength, softness, happy, alive, growth, transformative,
integration, tender

Habitat: Blue Violet grows mainly in the Midwestern and Eastern
United States. Its leaves are heart shaped and can be used in salads or
cooked as greens. Flowers are often added to salads or desserts. It is
tenacious and can take over an area quickly.


Look at the story of life, the shades of self, and our unrestricted beingness. See how it has been and will be. See the tenderness in nature and apply the same to yourself. Foster the ability to see yourself clearly in all aspects and the strength to accept all parts of yourself to become whole. Strength in knowing the importance of each part and releasing what binds you into parts. Bind not what brings your ego peace for that is death to the soul. The sun shines on all equally.

Understand the subconscious motivation for how you see and why you
do things. Release patterns of segregation, pride, and contempt. Blue
Violet Leaf releases the emotions and thoughts that create the need
for reacting in old ways. Those same thoughts and emotions can fuel
the same unhealthy energy in families and communities.


  • Pride, aloofness, contemptment, judgment, and segregation. Blocks to growth that keep you feeling separate.


“Listen, explore, and reengage in ways of transformative growth.”
“Soak up the sun, its warmth, strength, and power.”

Illustration: Casey Wait ©2018

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