Apple Blossom

Excerpt from Honoring The Wisdom in Nature Pocketbook Edition with 54 Plant Essence Card

“Experience each moment of life free, aware, and fully present. Understand the power of simplicity. Tap into the knowledge inside yourself. Know that freedom is more powerful than fear.”

Keywords: change, simplicity, awareness, flow, life, happiness

Habitat: Apple trees grow world wide with over 7,500 varieties. Most Apple Blossom petals are pink when the flower first blooms, and then fade to white as the season progresses. Different varieties will blossom early, mid or late in the growing season. Apple trees are native to Europe and Central Asia and are now cultivated worldwide.


The gift of Apple Blossom is understanding the power of simplicity. Simply acting out of desire: a true soul desire and that is it.

Tap into the knowledge inside yourself. It holds the wisdom of many experiences to know that choosing life and not ego/fear is the road to true growth and life.

Ever changing ow of life. All things change. It is the nature of the universe. Experience each unique moment of life free, aware, and able to soak it all in. Simply Be!

Apple Blossom holds all the different available possibilities beyond what your mind might see to expand choices. Peace is when you let go of what is causing distress and align with your own beingness.


  • Choosing fear over growth/change.
  • Seeking outside guidance rather than listening to your own voice or your own wisdom.
  • Making choices based on ego or external in uences.


“Freedom is more powerful than Fear”

Illustration by Casey Wait ©2018

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