Excerpt from Honoring The Wisdom in Nature Pocketbook Edition with 54 Plant Essence Cards

“Deeply ground, be open, feel safe, and
nurtured. See your essence with new eyes.
Release the past to truly live.”

Keywords: sweetness, soft, enfolding, strength, protective, curiosity,
grounding, releasing, gratitude

Habitat: Yucca, also known as Soapweed Yucca or Plains Yucca, grows across much of the Midwestern and Western United States in sandy soil and dry plains.


Yucca promotes a peaceful, protected, rooted environment. Go with the flow and feel the power of creativity moving through your body. Feel deeply grounded by sitting with Yucca. Breathe and feel your energy drop into your feet and enter the ground. Allow me the honor of introducing you to your true self. By doing so you are free to explore your being and see what is you from what is others. There are many facets of oneself and the ego wants to protect it all. Yucca helps sort out what still serves you from what no longer serves from the
collective experiences held in the body.

Once grounded and more peaceful, the body can open areas of past wounds/woundedness to air them out. See the light dissipate from stored memories, thoughts, emotions, and patterns. Everything is okay. The mind can process the past and file it away, removing the emotional charge it once had. The mind can now have space to be more creative and live in the present moment. Yucca promotes deep sleep, decreasing anxiety, and over thinking.


  • Protecting aspects of self as personality instead of seeing them as something learned.
  • Staying ungrounded, walling off parts of self to avoid stored memories.
  • Wounded warrior, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Anxiety, overthinking, and insomnia.


“Release the past to truly live.”

“You are loved, cared for, and completely at peace in this moment.”

Illustration: Faith Christensen ©2018

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