Excerpt from Honoring The Wisdom in Nature Pocketbook Edition with 54 Plant Essence Card


“Rest and heal completely. Bring light to the
shadows to explore and heal. Think clearly.
There is time and support to decide the choices
you want to make.”

Keywords: protective, warrior, clarity, healing, woundedness, purifying,
cleansing, cushioning, enduring

Habitat: Yarrow is found throughout North America, Europe, and Asia,
often growing in areas with mildly disturbed soil, in grasslands, and
open forest in small groups.


My expertise is in healing wounds, deep, dark, and septic. I go
where no one else will go to clean out all that is causing disease.
Debridement to all different kinds of wounds by picking out and
eliminating all that stands in the way of healing. Helps with headaches
and migraines by making space for new information when there is
information overload. It is energetically protective for the pelvic
organs: bladder, uterus, ovaries, and prostate. It strengthens energetic
boundaries to allow the natural healing process to occur and heal
completely. Separates your emotions from others, stimulates digestion
of physical, mental, and emotional information.

Many little flowers blanket, cushion, and fill the space around you like a scab or protective covering. My medicine is powerful and my flowers hold the key to unlocking lifetimes of information. Yarrow enhances the ability to foresee the future, to be able to plan and have time to process. Increases clarity of thought for quick decision making because you have time to figure out what choices you want to make.

Yarrow is a warrior plant helping you know when it is helpful to fight and when it is not helpful. It brings light to shadow areas and does not allow the shadow to consume. Gives courage to visit your own shadow parts knowing that it is only a part of you. Brings light to dark places to feel safe to explore and heal.


  • Overzealousness, ghting for justice, holding the world and people accountable in an unhealthy way.
  • Fighting when it is not necessary or not standing up for self when it would be helpful.
  • Feeling unsafe or unprotected in the world or in your body.


“Know when to be a warrior and when to observe.”
“Bring light and courage to the shadow parts of yourself.”

Illustration: Casey Wait ©2018

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