Wild Geranium

Excerpt from Honoring The Wisdom in Nature Pocketbook Edition with 54 Plant Essence Card

Wild Geranium

“Find the place inside yourself that transcends thoughts and emotions. Remember the peaceful knowing available anytime you need solace. I will hold you and let you know that everything will be all right.”

Keywords: persistence, perseverance, open heart, softness, support, consoling, peaceful, calm

Habitat: Wild Geranium, also know as Richardson’s Geranium, is native to Western North America, growing in large quantities in mountains and forests.


Look at people with soft eyes and an understanding of humanness full of potential and patterns. Communicates in the wind with moon and fairy people. Supports fluid circulation, cleansing, and collaboration within the body.

See the complex within the simple. Decide in simple choices the path to take. The leaf creates a path, a map of a Divine plan. There is no need to focus so much on your own plan. Reassurance of the many paths available, equally important and no one path that is the best. Life will lead you on the path. Listen within to support the journey. Regardless of past choices there is always support to get back on track with the direction you want in life.

Be an example of generous gifting. Have an open heart even if no one else does. Apply the same generous softness to yourself. Provides a template that we can all win. We can all support one another. Be still and know the beauty of life is in the little moments. Each sacred and deep connecting us to life, to purpose, to our senses, and to deep knowing.

Wild Geranium transports you to another place. Find the place inside yourself available at any moment that transcends thoughts and emotions and reminds you that there is a peaceful, comforting, knowing available anytime you need solace: to be held, to be told, to be saturated with the feeling that everything will be all right. In this place, sitting here, your purpose and goals begin to unfold, quietly, subtly and with all the force of your essence. All of this will happen internally, outwardly unaware to others and inwardly a magni cent transformation, an infusion of life force.


  • Fear, lack, despair, and desperation.
  • Perfectionism.
  • Boundary issues: Taking on other peoples issues as your own. Looking outside of yourself for answers or comfort.


“Life is flowing, giving, perceiving, and knowing. “
“My life has balance, flow, connection, presence, smiling, laughing, and rejoicing.”

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