White Columbine

Excerpt from Honoring The Wisdom in Nature Pocketbook Edition with 54 Plant Essence Cards.

“Free yourself from what others see as beautiful. Beauty is inherent when you are free to express yourself. Accept that you are beautiful and receive what unfolds.”

Keywords: peace, self-assurance, self worth, beauty

Habitat: White Columbine grows in Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, Nevada, and Colorado. It prefers to grow in shady meadows or rocky hills. It is drought tolerant and likes well draining soil.


See the beauty within yourself. See each person as beautiful. Honor each person’s worth, their beingness.
White Columbine instills this belief so deeply that it can take root in the body. Free yourself from outside sources telling you what is beautiful. Beauty is something inherent within each person shining out when
they are free to express themselves.

Important to positive group dynamics. It supports the development of community by honoring each person, promoting non-judgment and the importance for all to have unconditional support. It helps you feel this way about yourself and others until you feel the unconditional support and non-judgment for yourself.

Stretch and feel the edges of your body. Release tension and stress held in the body regarding beauty and


  • Looking for outward confirmation of beauty.
  • Comparing, judging, overstepping boundaries, thinking people need to change.
  • Fear of being beautiful, holding self back because it feels safe.
  • Better not to be seen than have the responsibility of disappointing yourself and others.


“See the beauty within yourself.”

Check out Dr Christensen’s post on White Columbine, I Am Beautiful-When you don’t really believe it.

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