Excerpt from Honoring The Wisdom in Nature Pocketbook Edition with 54 Plant Essence Cards

Vicia Plant Essence Drawing

“Reclaim your power by clearing out the past, and prepare to live life in full revelry and joy. Know that the path is yours!”

Keywords: uplifting, cleansing, breath, free will, lightness, depth,
etherial, hearty

Habitat: Vicia, also known as Common Vetch, is a member of the pea family. It is able to make its own nitrates making it useful as a soil-fertilizing plant. It grows well in grassland, farmland, roadsides, and coastal habitats, such as sand dunes. It grows in groups of one or two pink flowers appearing between May and September.


Clear out past memories and emotions stored in the body. Once you
are clear from past baggage, you are able to connect to free choice,
direction, and the path to take in life. It is similar to Golden Dyssodia
in its ability to clear. Golden Dyssodia clears to help you embody your
own body. Vicia clears by freeing you from the past so that you can
make choices that support who you are now.

Know yourself freed from the past held in your body, your meridians, and energy bodies. My task is great as all humans hold so many
memories in their bodies. I speak the words of free expression through
movement, song, and dance. I release you from the hold of others: the
path others chose for you, the meaning in your life laid out by others.

Vicia invites you to sit and take another look. Find unexpected beauty
with something or someone if you take the time to look.


  • Break free from past control, roles, judgment, and morality. Living life based on generational patterns, things passed down.
  • Looking to others to understand or know who you are.
  • Making choices based on what other people want for you.


“Find freedom of expression through movement, song, and dance.”

Illustration: ChristyMetz©2018

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