Tea Rose

Excerpt from Honoring The Wisdom in Nature Pocketbook Edition with 54 Plant Essence Card

Tea Rose

“Let your mind go to receive help from all that is around you. Find peace and know that there is time to unfold, the support to do it, and the pace inherent in the process.

Keywords: beautifying, layers, unfolding, pace, unconditional love

Habitat: Tea Rose is a hybrid garden rose named from the scent resembling that of tea. Tea Roses have been introduced as an ornamental garden rose throughout most of the United States.


Mistakes are what make us human. See the value of experience. The love that flows from expressing yourself. The beauty is in truth, awareness, and awakening of self-knowledge. Tea rose peels off layers to get to the heart of the matter. Find what feelings are raw and vulnerable and start the healing process.

Release past justifications and uncover deception. Peel away past grievances still held in the body. Fill up with unconditional love to see the truth and release the layers without it crushing you. Tea rose helps you go to deeper places that you have been afraid to see. Love all your parts even when what is mirrored back is not pretty.

Within your environment, Tea Rose encourages beautifying your surroundings and in return the beauty
responds in bringing you peace, joy, and contemplation.


  • Lying to yourself because the truth seems too hard.
  • Ignoring or compartmentalizing parts of yourself you do not like. Believing mistakes are weaknesses.


“Let your mind go and receive help from all that is around you. Find peace and know.”


Illustration by Casey Wait 2018 copyright

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