Excerpt from Honoring The Wisdom in Nature Pocketbook Edition with 54 Plant Essence Card

“Take me to that place deep within, to see, to feel, to know abundance, beauty, and light. The light within. Know that power comes from owning your truth and expressing it in all that you do.”

Keywords: trust, abundance, beauty, light, power, compassion, honesty

Habitat: Nasturtiums are native to South and Central America and grow as an ornamental plant in areas of
partial shade and require moist soil to thrive. The flowers make a tasty topping to any salad and the seed
pods taste like spicy capers. There are many flowers on a single plant while only a few open at a time.


Awaken to your own source of inner radiance. A place of shining freely, openly, supporting growth and strength. Stay in your own power. Be true to yourself. Practice having faith and trusting. Practice compassion for self. Lose the judgment. Focus on connecting within yourself. Believe that life offers exactly what you are looking for. Keep growing, see the light. Enlightenment is the ability to see the light in each living being, human and all of nature.

Tap into your heart space: the place of kindness, gratitude, non-threatening, non-comparative, non-
competing, and grace. Radiate abundance. Find the way to happiness. Find those areas in your being that
tense when you think about being happy and the areas that relax. Both hold valuable information on your
inner journey.


  • Feeling disconnected from your heart. Looking for happiness outside of yourself. Pushing out of self in order to feel powerful. Feeling superior to others.


“Power comes from owning your truth and expressing it in all that you do.”
“The place you long to connect to is within yourself.”

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