Excerpt from Honoring The Wisdom in Nature Pocketbook Edition with 54 Plant Essence Card

“Like a soft breeze caressing your cheek, I am
here to listen, witness, and tell you that it is
okay to let go. That it is okay to be whole, to
be healed, and to live life. The past has its
place and it is not in the present. You honor
your experience by giving it to the Divine when
holding onto it begins to harm you. I am there
for you. You will be okay.”

Keywords: gentle, warmth, balance, softness, support

Habitat: Mullein grows into a tall spear like plant in well-lit, open soil sprouting through the ground in the spring from long lived seeds. It does not become invasive due to its superficial root structure and its need for light. Mullein is common to Europe, North Africa, Asia and was introduced to the Americas in the mid 1700’s by Western European settlers.


Supports a feeling of inclusion and being a part of something larger.
Mullein gently brings awareness, warmth, balance, and energy to
the body. By doing so, it makes the body a safe place. You begin to
see what you are carrying, the ease and importance in healing, and
releasing tension and trauma. It buffers the intensity of emotions to
be able to see the truth of the pattern and what to do to release it. It
heals the woundedness and belief that you need to remember, to hold
on no matter the reason. It speaks about the futility of self in ected
pain and suffering somaticized in the body causing physical, emotional,
mental, and spiritual dysfunction.

Mullein largely acts in a physical way by cooling the gastrointestinal tract, stimulating blood flow to the brain, relaxing muscles that are chronically tight, and strengthening the spine. It helps to release self-inflicted pain and suffering by releasing emotions being held

in the body causing imbalances. Mullein also energizes the body by balancing the chakra system in a soft gentle way that optimizes flow and an overall feeling of vitality.


  • Holding grudges, past traumas, or injustices. Keeping a wound raw to punish. Shows you the damage you do to yourself and others in all future relationships that trigger the memory.
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and psychosomatic issues.
  • Vengeance, control, being responsible for justice. Holding someone accountable so they suffer, “an eye for an eye.”


“Trust in Divine justice and accept that all we have control over is
our awareness.”

Illustration: Casey Wait ©2018

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