Morning Glory

Excerpt from Honoring The Wisdom in Nature Pocketbook Edition with 54 Plant Essence Card

“Look into the depth of my petals to connect to the vastness of the universe living in all
things. Find your center and live from it. Be alive, bright, and shining.”

Keywords: alive, rugged, timely, forthcoming, richness

Habitat: Morning Glory is native to Mexico and Central America. The plant entwines itself around
structures, growing to a height of six to nine feet tall. The flowers close and open with sunlight. In Japan
it is called “morning face.” The seeds of morning glory, when ingested in large quantities, are toxic and
contain lysergic alkaloids similar to LSD. The flowers are non-toxic.


Morning glory smiles with encouragement helping you experience connecting to your center. Look into
my face, my center. Be encompassed by my essence. Let me be present in your body. Feel the sensation,
the awareness of being in your body. Feel your toes, your abdomen, your neck, the top of your head, your
fingers, and fingernails.

Find your center, the place in your body that you feel the most connected to yourself, your body, mind, and
spirit. Be alive, the feeling, the place, within yourself. Find it and live from your center. Take the feeling of
being one whole body and practice breathing into all parts of your being. Imagine your whole body getting
bigger and smaller with each breath expanding and contracting. Take care to check in at different times
during the day. Refocus your awareness to your whole body. Find the magic in life when you are present in
your body and in your life.

Seeds: Take that which is precious and cherish it for the season, for life is a cycle.


  • External stimulation to feel alive: addiction, spectrum of numb to overly heightened senses. Living in your head. Disconnected with parts of your body. Feeling ungrounded.
  • Overactive daydreaming: Morning Glory can teach you that paying attention to yourself is more interesting than daydreaming.


“It is time to live, fully alive, to find your center and live from it.”

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