Joshua Tree

Excerpt from Honoring The Wisdom in Nature Pocketbook Edition with 54 Plant Essence Card

“Add softness to your expression by understanding who you are and honoring the desires
of your spirit.”

Joshua Tree Flower

Keywords: power, softness, mirroring, sexuality, manifestation, creativity

Habitat: Joshua Tree is native to California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona. It has an extensive root system,
grows quickly for desert plants, and can live for hundreds of years. Some trees are thousands of years old.


Be Bold! Come from your core. Utilize the power that you have flowing through you. This power requires respect and contemplation. Supports all that you know and will know. The power is magnificent, strong, and dangerous like a spring river, requiring respect. What do you want to spend your time doing and then do that.

Speaks of mirroring things brought to light by being in relationships. Breaking past patterns by honoring
the process and doing it differently. Reflect on the things that come up and where they come from. Really
honor the wishes of spirit/soul path and the space needed in the unfolding. Forgive past life situations.
Understanding the power in knowing, remembering, and making decisions that span many lifetimes.

Shines a light on sexuality issues and how sexuality is expressed. Encourages your essence to express
yourself through every part of your being, especially sexuality and sexual expression. Supports the spirit
of manifestation and creativity. Be confident in what you want. Know that your true desires are the only
things that really matter. Add softness to your expression by understanding who you are and honoring the
desires of your spirit.


  • Caught up in life’s drama.
  • Blocked creativity.
  • Breaking unhealthy relationship patterns.


“Sink into your depth and ask ‘What is it that you want to do?’ ”

“May your life be full of wonder, introspection, and delight.”

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