Heron’s Bill

Excerpt from Honoring The Wisdom in Nature Pocketbook Edition with 54 Plant Essence Card

“Experience the power of courageous humility. Find your inner strength and know it is the only thing worth fighting for in life.”

Keywords: courageous humility, inner strength, temperance

Habitat: Heron’s Bill, also known as Redstem Stork’s Bill, was
introduced to North America in the 1700’s and quickly spread to most
of the United States in bare, sandy, grassy places. The long seed-pod,
shaped like a stork’s bill, launches open in a spiral when ripe, sending
the seeds into the air.


Smile! Take time to know the real you. Courageously stand up for yourself and trust your expression. Find yourself: not the one you show to the world, your friends, or loved ones. The you without trying, without pushing out, no matter how inadequate you feel. Be brave. Be different. Place your faith within. Connect with how you see yourself when firmly rooted in the fertile ground of your heart. The nature of the universe is fluidity and change. See your thoughts ow in and out, slowed, and unable to trigger tension.

Find space to know your true intentions and the vitality to manifest
once everything is clear. See the importance of humbly sitting with
yourself. Experience the information that comes from being in that
place without feeling rushed or needing to be important. Ability to see
the difference between taught self/ego and inherent self by separating
from the ego as your only identity in a profound, peaceful way.


  • Protecting your ego or taught view of self. Living from the ego’s perspective.
  • Difficulty admitting that you are wrong. Assuming that you know what is best for everyone.
  • Needing to be important. Relying on ego to guide your path. Prioritizing work over relationships.


“Be at peace with yourself, your process, your natural pace, your
feelings, thoughts, and desires.”

“Cultivate an internal environment of acceptance.”

Illustration: Christy Metz ©2018

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