Gooseberry Globemallow

Sphaeralcea grossulariifolia   

Excerpt from Honoring The Wisdom in Nature Pocketbook Edition with 54 Plant Essence Cards

“I will take you to the center of your knowing.Know that you are loved. Connect with your voice and speak your truth to the world and know when to be silent and to honor the instinct within.”

Keywords: perspective, soothing, deeply peaceful, dispersing, pulsing, unfolding

Habitat: Gooseberry Globemallow is commonly found in salt-desert shrub, pinyon-juniper, sagebrush, mountain brush, and some ponderosa pine communities in Southwestern Utah, Nevada, and EasternCalifornia.


Remember all the healing that has happened and appreciate
your current situation. Look how far you have come. Overcome generational patterns because of life experience. Look at life through soft eyes that transcend time and allow you to see the bigger picture.Soothing to the mind/ego. The lullaby of the Divine Feminine cradling, soothing, trans fixing you to that peaceful state knowing that all is taken care of. Nothing more than BEING is required of you. Deeply peaceful. Creates a trance-like hypnotic state to the nervous system.

Understanding that throughout your lifetime it is your heart that does
not fade. Your memories might, but your soul’s experience does not get
lost in time. It is all about presence.

Gooseberry Globemallow physically supports the uids in the body:
blood, kidneys, and lymphatics. See the power of water to dissolve
and disperse. Become aware of the blood ow to your hands and feet
and all throughout the body. Feel the uid ow through the body,
cleansing by increasing ow for nutrient exchange and waste removal.
It works especially well for sensitive people with a paper thin exterior,
vein congestion, and stagnation within the uid systems of the body.
Physically it helps lymphatic or circulatory congestion: swelling,
edema, stasis dermatitis, people with red tipped tongue, or distended
veins under the tongue.


  • Thinking about the past. Being stuck in past perceptions of yourself.
  • Emotionally or mentally stagnant. Not able to move forward in life.


“One who has lived long, grown greatly, and is reminded that it all falls away.”

Illustration: Casey Wait ©2018

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