Gaura Flower

Excerpt from Honoring The Wisdom in Nature Pocketbook Edition with 54 Plant Essence Card

Gaura Flower
Gaura Flower

“Know that you can be free to make new
choices, patterns, and promises whenever you
want. There is time enough for the new. All you
need to do is break free from the past by letting
it go.”

Keywords: promises, control, flow, freedom

Habitat: Gaura Flower, also known as Butterfly Flower or Longflower Bee Blossom, grows throughout the Midwest, with Colorado being the most western border. It prefers sunny locations and looks like flowering grass.


Gaura Flower changes its help like the waves of grass blowing in the wind. Today a promise breaker. Tomorrow building a new way of being and a new way of thinking. There is no need to make promises, vows, or contracts with yourself. There is no need when you can accept your essence without the need to change it. Let yourself go and see what happens. It is only when you do things differently that you experience new ways you might like better than the old. Relax into the flow of life both externally and internally. Feel the moment and notice you are awake, beautiful, and blessed. Laugh at the beauty and playfulness of synchronicity. Take deep breaths and fall into the flow surrounding you.

Look deeply within and see the futility of control. Control is an illusion consuming all of life. Look to farmers and fishermen and see how they flow with the seasons, with nature, the ebb and flow of life. Casting a wide net, finding a pace, and persevering.


  • Promises or commitments to yourself that keep attracting the same experience.
  • Feeling the need to control most aspects of life.


“Know that all needs are met through the cycles of time.”

Illustration: Christy Metz ©2018

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