Garden Harebell

Excerpt from Honoring The Wisdom in Nature Pocketbook Edition with 54 Plant Essence Card

Garden Harebell
Garden Harebell

“My light shines forth like a beacon helping you navigate your journey and marking the path to where you want to go.”

Keywords: consistent, continual, support, newness, fairy magic

Habitat: Garden Harebell, also known as Creeping Bellflower, or
Rampion Bellflower, is a strong, tenacious plant. Because any piece
of the roots can sprout into a new plant, it is considered invasive and
extremely difficult to remove. Its leaves and stems are covered with
small hairs that can cause an allergic reaction on the skin if you are
not careful.


Garden Harebell is a beautiful plant supporting many flowers growing on one stock. It draws you in with its softness and curious looking flowers and then demands respect. It asks you to apply the same to your life. Being open and having strong boundaries. Boundaries are for those that love themselves. No matter who it is, never compromise yourself even if you think it is for the greater good. Find that boundaries make your life easier to connect to people and stay yourself. Gather support along your journey from all your friends and family helping you find your path in life.

Find your inner fairy energy, the part of you that is deep, thoughtful,
and playful at the same time. See things in fairy ways, a glance, a trick of the eye, a moment of clarity, making new connections just by looking at an object in a new way. Laugh at yourself. Slow down, pay
attention, be present, allow your mind to rest, and you will see the
magic all around you. Magic is just a word to explain things when they
are not fully understood. When you are present and engaged with life,
everything begins to make sense. You understand the forces at work
in the universe helping you along your way. The silent workings that
make the world turn.


  • Lack of boundaries or unable to maintain boundaries. Easily discouraged.
  • Finding life dull and lacking magic.


“I walk along the path that you travel making sure your compass is

“I give you the guidance when you need it, ask for it, and are ready
to receive it.”

Illustration: ChristyMetz©2018

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