Dotted Blazing Star

Excerpt from Honoring The Wisdom in Nature Pocketbook Edition with 54 Plant Essence Card

Dotted Blazing Star

“Embrace your uniqueness, your own style and
way of doing things. Live in gratitude receiving
the blessing of life for yourself.”

Keywords: heart opening, uniqueness, open, expression, self-love

Habitat: Dotted Blazing Star, also know as Dotted Gayfeather, can grow
in moist soil conditions in most of North America. Its taproot can reach
almost seven feet while the ower grows to a maximum of three feet.
It can be found along trails growing among the prairie grasses.


Find freedom to live life in open expression, unchained from the past. I
strengthen the heart to help you know your strength and to know what
it is like to live life from this place. To see things through the eyes of
your heart and soul. To know what the world looks like from this angle.

Be yourself in all the different ways you are unique. Be con dent
in who you are. Own it. Celebrate it. Love every part of yourself, especially the parts you do not show to others. See how you can appreciate the uniqueness in others. Realize that conformity is fear and owning your individuality leads to inner harmony. Spread happiness and cheer because you express your individuality. Dotted blazing star opens the heart causing a flood of emotions in the heart if it has been closed or shut down.

I hold the edge in loving kindness of all that seeks to destroy and
say that there is no room for you here. No space for you to reside.
Foolishness in living life apart from your desires…the deepest longing
of your being. Live in gratitude, receiving the blessing of life for


  • Numbness and depression because of a closed heart.
  • Sacrifice is needed to be joyful or to deserve joy and happiness.
  • Feeling weak and unable to connect to your own strength. Seeking strength outside of yourself.
  • Being afraid of people, wary of kindness, and needing to guard yourself.


“I am alive, well cared for, and blessed. Be at ease in your body and

Illustration: Faith Christensen ©2018

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