Choke Cherry

Excerpt from Honoring The Wisdom in Nature Pocketbook Edition with 54 Plant Essence Card

“I will show you the way back to being. Follow
me into the depths of your beingness. Allow
me to release all the tension you hold, all that
keeps you from being whole. I bring the power
of white, a light to expand your awareness.
See the depth and complexity of all parts of
yourself. Take this journey of profound inner
peace and wholeness.”

Keywords: simplicity, profound, calming, nourishing, grounding

Habitat: Choke Cherry is a shrub growing in most of the United States along stream banks, prairie hillsides, and fence rows.


Explore the depth of your being. Feel deeply nourished, grounded, and
calm. Choke Cherry dissipates the accumulated stress of emotional
habits. It soothes and nourishes an overactive nervous system,
balances the body and mind, and supports quiet re ection. See the
juxtaposition between profound depth of being and lightness of being.

Carve your own way instead of staying in the rut of the past breaking
free from mental constructs. Connect to the universe/Divine and
outside the box thinking.

Make a path. Encourages your own uniqueness and need for it in the
world. Be who you are. Do not compromise. Feel deeply connected,
open, and vulnerable. Trust, live, believe, and become. It is not for the
faint of heart. The path requires discipline, honor, self-knowing, and
seeing the unseen.

Laugh at yourself, and do not take yourself or expectation of yourself
so seriously. Be vulnerable and open to catch/understand/experience
the world in a different way. Come to life with a lens of lightness,
exploring yourself with humor and non-judgment. Your life is a series
of blunders held together by lightness, humor, and laughter.


  • Protecting yourself by walling off from yourself, others, or the world in general.
  • Blame, fear of failure, not being good enough. All the things you tell yourself that limit your own expression of self.
  • Getting stuck in the depth and seriousness of life resulting in anxiety, fear, and depression.


“Choose which part of life you focus on. The blunders or lightness,
humor, and laughter.”

“May you be blessed in all your endeavours.”

Illustration: Casey Wait ©2018

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