Excerpt from Honoring The Wisdom in Nature Pocketbook Edition with 54 Plant Essence Card


“Soak up the sun’s rays with me and feel alive,
connected throughout your body and receptive
to the light being offered. Root into the ground
and feel solidly anchored and at peace with

Keywords: inner peace, inner glow, solar energy, shine like the sun,
hope, deep groundedness

Habitat: Brittlebush is a desert shrub that grows in the Southwestern
United States and Northern Mexico. The dried sap was burned by early
Spanish settlers as incense.


I am one who shines in the sun. Find your inner glow and harness solar
energy. See hope shining out and nd the wellspring of light. Shines
a light on inter-dimensional support and knowledge available at any
moment. Supports deep groundedness. Feels like the dark nourishing
earth is holding you. Be free to explore the edges of your being while
feeling solidly planted in the cool dampness of the earth.

Honoring the Wisdom in Nature: The Plants 19

Brings centeredness to your essence and thoughts. Blends brain
processing with inner body knowing. Encourages playfulness as
healing and balancing to the brain and inner body knowing. A true
gut brain connection. Balance of receiving and processing information
between gut knowing and brain knowing. Experience the template of
balanced thought and honor all ways of processing information.

Enlivens the soul to all that lends pure joy. The feeling of free
expression. Joy in being and expressing your essence.


  • The “what if” game. Feeling paralyzed by fear of what if’s. Overly rash or overly intellectualized thinking.
  • Societal fears dominating decision making.


“Consult your inner wisdom to know all your options and nd the
presence of mind to know what to do.”

Illustration: Casey Wait ©2018

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