Silver Stem Lupine

Excerpt from Honoring The Wisdom in Nature Pocketbook Edition with 54 Plant Essence Card

Silver Stem Lupine Flower

“Love wraps and supports over time healing deeply, completely, and thoroughly. It supports and does not take chances to leave you without. It is always there, always present, always offered.”

Keywords: light, truth, path, openness

Habitat: Silver-Stem Lupine, also known as Silvery Lupine, grows all throughout the Western United
States along streams, dry roadsides, rocky prairies, and open pine woods.9 It grows well with little water in
sun to full shade. The seeds are toxic and should not be eaten.


Silver-Stem Lupine centers and quiets the body and mind when thoughts or emotions are chaotic and
busy. It strengthens your sense of self in the body to support all that you do. Find your true desires and
direction of truth, light, and power. Illuminate your own path with self-knowing. Understand what is
needed i.e. focus, physical planning, or a song to light the way.

Silver-Stem Lupine assists by supporting your ability to communicate with plants, animals, and the earth.
Access wisdom and experience of other living things to aid you along you path. There is no question too
great or small. Find complete non-judgment as to the importance of the question.

My gift is clear, conscious, heart-centered openness for life, for love, and for the beauty of each experience.
Trust that each experience is exactly what is needed, crafted by the Divine/source.


  • Having idealistic expectations for self and others. Needing to work hard to improve self. Competing and comparing.


“Let life do the work.”

“I am the one who brings light. See the light that shines from being in alignment with self and source.”

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